AI Policy

The usage of AI tools and large language models such as ChatGPT is becoming increasingly relevant for scientific writing.

The University of Vienna has therefore established guidelines on the use of AI in teaching, studying and (thesis) writing which can be accessed here:

AI in studies and teaching - FAQ (public link)

AI in academic writing (UniVie wiki link, login with u:account necessary)


Doctoral thesis

At VDS MES, we follow these guidelines. What this means for your thesis is that the usage of AI tools is allowed as long as you ensure that you are copyright holder of your text and that the usage of AI tools is acknowledged in the relevant section where they have been used, as well as in the methods section of your thesis.

AI tools are not citeable, cannot be held responsible for mistakes or limitations and do not underlie copyright!

To ensure your ownership for AI generated content, the following must be true:

  • You verify and correct the contents
  • You validate and complete the references
  • You ensure comprehensiveness, taking into account the time gap of training data
  • You adapt the contents to fit into the text (adding, removing, modifying)
  • You write the text independently - see specifications here.



As of now, there are no regulations from the side of the doctoral school in regards to the use of AI tools in writing manuscripts. We recommend to keep an eye on possible guidelines from the side of the publisher.