New PhD Science Day


Our New PhD Science Day takes the place of the faculty open presentation (FÖP) and is held usually once per semester, towards the end of the lecture period.


Next New PhD Science Day


The next New PhD Science Days for the summer semester 2023 will be held on March 1, 2023 and May 25, 2023. Generally, New PhD Science Days are planned to be held as hybrid meetings. In case in-person events are not possible due to Covid19 regulations, we will switch to online mode instead.

To participate as a speaker, completion of your first thesis advisory committee meeting (prelim) is a prerequisite. To register as a speaker, please send an email to with the following documents 1 month before the Science Day:

  • Exposé (reworked with the feedback you received from your committee in your prelim meeting)
  • Regulations relating to good scientific practice (SL/W1)
  • Registration of the doctoral thesis topic and announcement of the supervisor(s) (SL/D11)
  • if applicable: Approval of financial support of the doctoral thesis topic (SL/W4)


Please prepare a presentation of 15-20 minutes length that includes the following:

  • Short introduction to your topic for listeners not working directly in your field
  • Preliminary results and achievements (e.g. adapting existing methods to your own project counts as a result)
  • Future plans and experiments in your project
  • Impact that your project could have in the context of the doctoral school (exploring new theories, connecting research fields, ...) or for general society
  • Timeplan of your PhD (1 slide)
  • Funding sources (1 slide)

Ideally, preliminary results and future plans should take up about half of your presentation each.


A 10-15 minute discussion with your peers and the doctoral advisors will follow your presentation.