Team & SSC

Doctoral School Staff


Doctoral School Heads: Thomas Rattei, Stephan Krämer

Coordinator: Nadja Holzleitner

PH: +43-1-4277-91109


Study service centers


The Doctoral School MES is supported by two study service centers (depending on each student's field of study).

The Study Service Center Life Sciences supports students of the Life Sciences curriculum (fields of study: Biology, Molecular Biology)

The Study Service Center Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy supports students of the Natural Sciences curriculum (fields of study: Environmental Sciences, Geosciences).


Student representatives


The Doctoral School currently has three student representatives. Nataliia Solntseva, Sean Darcy and Veer Vikram Singh are in close contact with the DS staff and you can contact them with questions about student internal matters.


Center for doctoral studies


The Center for Doctoral Studies supports the Doctoral School, especially through providing a workshop program for doctoral candidates.